Saturday, 22 Jan 2022
Author: Amna

Tips for the Relief of Migraine Problem

Migraine is painful aches mostly on one side of head. Factors like Stress, Digestive, Liver and Vision issues can lead to Migraine. Dist, drugs, herbal remedies are the ways to get relief of Migraines. Here are some tips for the relief of Migraine: Relief of Migraines

Heavy Smoking can Lead to Kidney Cancer

On Sunday, May 15, Robert Predit a researcher found in his new study that Smoking can increase the risk of Kidney Cancer.This study was conducted in the Duke University Medical Center. The study followed 845 patients who had the surgery for the Kidney Cancer or Renal Cell Carcinoma between the years 2000-2009. These findings were […]

Skin Allergies may protect Various Cancers

A new research suggested that people who have rashes when their Skin is in contact with some metals or chemicals, they have less risk for certain Cancers.The researchers say that the findings support the fact the allergies enhance the immune system to kill the Cancer cells before they damage it. This theory is known as […]

Tips for Exercise in the Heat

Exercise in the Heat Heat affects your summer exercise plan if you are having planned to shape up your body. Heat has a great impact on you, when you exercise and it is good to know and respond to the body’s cues before you get affected with the Heat Stroke. viagra no doctor Explanation: Our […]

8 Home Remedies for Bad Breath

Many people suffer from the bad breath. The problem of bad breath is very embarrassing. The problem of bad breath is also known as Halitosis. The Halitosis can be avoided by keeping good Oral health. It also helps to reduce the bad breath. The bacterium that develops in the back of tongue or in teeth […]

Food That Help You To Look Younger

Food to Look Younger Healthy foods are good to keep an individual fit and fine but there are many foods which are believed to hold onto years. The ageing not only affects our looks but it also affects our overall health. The ageing process has a strong impact on our different body functions. The process […]