Tuesday, 31 Jan 2023
Author: Amna

Top 10 Skin Care Tips During Winter

Skin Care Tips During Winter It is very important to take care of your skin as the weather changes. Since, the winter season is on its peak, you feel the dryness and patches on your skin. There are also lots of other skin issues that you face during winter season. If you also face skin […]

How to choose heated rollers

If you want natural looking curls then it’s important to choose the right rollers set Different roller sets suit different styles and different hair types. The rollers can vary in size, design, materials and how hot they get. Some are better for longer hair while others are better suited for shorter styles. What style are […]

4 Essential Goals of the Best Anti-Aging Neck Cream

Your skin is clear of any noticeable wrinkles and has an even skin tone but this does not mean that you do not need the best anti-aging neck cream. You still need this neck cream because wrinkles will eventually appear in time. Regardless of age you will need to have a skin care regimen for […]

Medimix Soap – A Review

Medimix is a handmade soap that comes with unique herbs formulation. These 18 herbs have gentle and effective solution on different skin problems that makes its remarkable to everyone who is problematic on their skin. What makes this Medimix soap ideal for many is that it has no animal fat which means it is just […]

How To Style Long Hair Using A Hot Air Brush

Hot air brushes have become very popular. There are so many different makes and models that choosing the one that’s best for you can be overwhelming. This article features three excellent hot air brushes that work great for long hair. How To Style Long Hair Using A Hot Air Brush… Using a hot air brush […]

How to use heated rollers the new way

Hot rollers seem pretty old-fashioned to most of us. The only person I knew with a roller set was my grandma until recently. But now theyre back in fashion, but with a modern twist. So don’t ask your gran for style advice yet. While I’m sure she was absolutely killing it back in the day, […]

Combine Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation for Amazing Results

Want fuller, perky breasts? Have a hard time figuring out whether you need breast lift or breast augmentation? If so, consider both surgeries. Also referred to as breast lift with implants, this procedure offers the best of both worlds. A breast augmentation combined with breast lift can make your breasts look youthful and rounder with […]

Why You Should Visit a Skin Care Clinic to Treat Your Acne

Acne affects millions of Canadians every year, and is so common in our culture that it’s almost synonymous with becoming a teenager. What’s interesting to note is that acne comes in various forms, each with their own unique severities and treatment methods. Regardless of what type of acne you find yourself developing, the best option for […]