Monday, 24 Feb 2020
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How to get Free MakeUp Samples?

Many people do not realize that they can get makeup samples for free in unlikely places. From social media campaigns to hosting cosmetic parties and attending product launches, it is easy to grab free makeup samples. Sometimes it is as easy as following a company’s page on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram and watching for […]

3 Unsafe Cosmetics Not Good for your Health

No doubt cosmetics can enhance your beauty. Your lips become glossy with lipstick, your eyes look beautiful with mascara and face looks shiny with the glittering base but wait!! Look before you leap into the gleaming well of makeup. The makeup products may be unhealthy for you. You can have allergies and even get diseases […]

7 Fantastic Tips to do a Perfect Makeup

Makeup is used to enhance your features and make you look beautiful. But most people don’t know how to do makeup and look good. Either they use too much of the cosmetics that they look weird or use too little of them that the makeup is hardly visible. Messy hair, white clown like face, and […]

Top 10 New Trendy Makeup Styles

Trendy Makeup Styles Beautiful looks are the dream of every girl. Every girl has a dream to look trendy and up to date. Girls make all their efforts to look charming and to be the centre of attraction. Makeup is believed to be the main thing that can help in making you look awesome as […]

Smokey Eye Makeup: Steps and Tips

Smokey Eye Makeup Smokey eyes have always been a craze among the women. It gives most sexier and sultry looks to your eyes if wear properly. With a little effort you can give your eyes great celebs look. Do not go for more brilliant colors like blue, green for the eye shadows. Instead you can […]

Simple Steps To Apply The Complete Makeup

Complete Makeup Tips Make up is one of the best ways to make you look good and presentable in front of others, many ladies want to carry makeup on their face in their daily routine but due to unawareness of the contents required and methods of application, their makeup look quite horrible rather than looking […]

Eye Makeup Tips for Mature Ladies

Eye Makeup The makeup is one of those blessings for the ladies which can efficiently hide the odd features of face and that why it has been noted many times that one of the most close to heart thing in a lady’s room tends to be her cosmetics box. Showing so anxiousness about something to […]

Tips for Summer Makeup

Summer Makeup Summer is a time when it becomes necessary to give your body a healthy look and keep it protected from the harmful rays of sun that can destroy it badly. During summer the skin become exhausted very soon and it had to keep fresh by drinking lots of water and other nutritious drinks. […]