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Prevention of Dengue

The rainy season is the perfect time for dengue epidemic to blow wide open. Dengue is an infection, which is caused by Aedes mosquitos. It mostly appears in sub-tropical or tropical geographical region of this world. Symptoms for dengue usually occur 3-14 days after the dangerous bite.

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Breakbone fever is another name for dengue fever.  Dengue virus is caused by this tropical infectious disease. In some cases symptoms could even lead to dengue hemorrhagic fever, like leakage of blood plasma, reduced level of blood platelets, bleeding etc. For people suffering from extremely low blood pressure, the above condition is known as dengue shock syndrome.

A Few Symptoms of Dengue Fever are:

  • Tremendous headache.
  • Excessively muscle as well as joint pain.
  • High fever.
  • High pain behind your eyes that gives you an irritating feeling in your usual eye movement.
  • Sometimes even you can experience bleeding from under the skin or nose or gums.
  • Vomiting or even nausea.
  • You could experience the loss of appetite as well as taste.
  • After a few days (3/4 days) of fever, you could get some kind of body rash.

Some Indicators of shock Syndrome & Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever:

  • Having problem is breathing.
  • You could experience dry mouth as well as excessively thirst.
  • In some cases patients could experience accelerated week pulse.
  • Some kind of restlessness along with stomach pain.
  • Skin turns cold, pale as well as clammy.
  • Some other symptoms are more or less similar to that of dengue fever.
  • However visiting a doctor is a must in all these types of situation. If you feel feverish then don’t waste any more time for these symptoms to occur & visit your nearest doctor as soon as possible.

Some Precautionary Measures Could Be:

An open tank is one of the most preferable areas for mosquitoes to stay. It’s your responsibility to cover all those areas, where you store water. Always use a lid for your buckets as well as for your tanks.

While cleaning your home, make sure it does not end within your walls. Areas like roof gutters as well as gully traps are areas we often forget. Just remember to clean every part of your house. Even if it’s not a daily activity whenever you do this make sure you do this honestly, without leaving any area. You need to put your garden utensils upside down. It will prevent rain water from accumulating.

To get rid of dengue you need to clear all the stagnant water you have in and around your house. Stagnant water is almost like a heavenly breeding ground for mosquitoes. Make sure you remove the water used for washing yours clothes.

For keeping mosquitoes away you need to install window screen. When this option is not accessible for you, make sure you are wearing protective clothes. Mosquito net could be a great solution for prevention from mosquito bites.

You need to avoid using the plant pot. If you already have one then make sure you clear the collected water from that pot. For clearing mosquito eggs you need to be very attentive while clearing those pots.

You need to change the water in your flower vases every alternate day. To get rid of mosquito eggs you need to clean your plants as well as flowers very carefully.

You also should not store containers below air conditioners as they may cause accumulation of water which will act as breeding grounds of mosquitoes.

If the areas like roof gutters or gully traps are dry, make sure you are adding advised quantities of granular insecticides.

In current times you will get different forms of mosquito repellants in the marketplace. Some are also applicable for kids. So make sure you have enough storage space for these repellants for this rainy season.

In your community there should be provision for solid waste disposal. Instead of scattering them here & there you need to bury them in a particular place. Your area also needs to be cleared off warehouses as well as factories waste. Wastes like cocoa husks or coconut shells should be removed without wasting time.

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