Monday, 23 Apr 2018

Laser Hair Removal- 6 Things You Should Know

Unwanted body hairs are difficult to get rid of. Although, there are many products like lotions, creams and waxes but laser hair removal is the new technology that is getting famous. It started commercially in 1990’s and now cialis price it has been dermatologically accepted among doctors . It is widely practiced in all over the world. We have compiled a list of 6 things you should know if you have newly learnt about this technology.

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1. Variety of Skin Types

Laser treatment depends on a variety of skin types. On the fair skin with dark hair, good results are achieved but with more advancements in this technology every skin type can experience good effects.

2. Different Type of Laser Hair Removal

Different types of laser therapies are available. Among these the most famous is LightSheer Duet that offers a quick and comfortable treatment with small risk and high value. Dr. Rachkidi, the corporate medical director of the Silk or medical center who introduced this treatment in Middle East says, “I recommend the Lightsheer duet to my patients because it’s fast, it’s virtually pain-free, and it’s permanent. The really great part is that it is fast and efficient.”

3. The Process

The procedure involves the equipment that emits laser beams. The pigment in the hair follicle takes in the laser light and converts that light to heat that destroys the follicle. The hair doesn’t fall out but laser harms the capacity of hair to grow. In some cases, only one session is enough but due to the factors like age, skin type, hair color, hair texture and hormonal balance one may have to go through a number of sessions to get the treatment done and get the required results.

4. Painful or not

It depends on how much capacity you have to bear the pain. The slight stinging or hurting may be experienced during laser therapy. A topical anesthetic and sometimes a double-cooling system is used to reduce the discomfort.

5. Safe Method

It must have come to most of your minds, whether it is a safe method for hair removal or not. Yes, it’s safe. Dr. Rashkidi says, “Of course it is safe. Our technologies have been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the US ministry of health and are supervised by trained board certified doctors.”

6. Protect your Skin Later

It is advisable to protect your skin later after having this treatment done. Although, burns and swellings are uncommon but one has to be careful of sun exposure during this period.

So, get this treatment done, if you want the best treatment for your excess hair but it is necessary to have your doctor’s recommendation first.

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