Monday, 23 Apr 2018

Crest Anti – Plaque Crusade

Health is really important for our survival and therefore we must make sure that we take good care of our health. For some people health is all about looking in great shape and having good muscular body but that is not the true definition of health as per WHO.

A lot of people normally think about good looks when it comes to great health but there are certain parts of our body that never receive the same kind of attention because it doesn’t really matter if they are in good shape or not. Teeth are very important part of our body and therefore we must take good care of them too.

However, teeth are often neglected by the people because they don’t harm us in anyway.

Health experts believe that people don’t care about their teeth because they can still live without it and that is what goes on in their mind. However, Oral-B and Crest have decided that they will bring oral health care into limelight and allow people to realize that oral care is as important as any other health care.

Hence, they have decided to start a new cross country crusade where they will educate people about oral problems and how they can resolve it using better brushing practices and proper nutrition.

This will be probably for the first time that such crusade will take place where both dental care companies will focus on having clean teeth with Crest and Oral-B Pro health system.

The crusade will not only promote their new Pro health system but allow people to use it and see the difference. People will get the opportunity to try these new products which are said to be 4 times better than any anti-cavity toothpaste available in the market. This Pro health system will help in plaque reduction and other oral problems.

The crusade will head to Philadelphia and St. Louis before heading to different states in America as these two cities have been voted as the worst-teeth cities in the United States by Men’s health magazine in their recent survey. The crusade will have digital plaque imaging systems for people to see how much plaque problems they have.

6 thoughts on “Crest Anti – Plaque Crusade

  1. its true, most of the people give more attention to their other parts and they usually neglect oral health car e, but this article will help people to understand the importance of oral health care.

  2. Such movement can definitely change the life of common man, initiative taken by such big names do influence the thought of people… great share man…

  3. Hmm .. its true people don’t take serious consideration to their oral health, which is harm full for them in long run.

  4. Good work by the author, and I must appreciate crest and Oral –B for taking this initiative to aware people regarding their oral health care.

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