Monday, 23 Apr 2018

CIGNA Mobile Learning Lab

CIGNA stands for Connecticut General Life Insurance Company; it is renowned as an Insurance company. Throughout the years, CIGNA has added many functions to its service line like medical, accident (Insurance), Dental etc.

CIGNA has succeeded in making its name in the field of health. Day by day, it is coming up with new and unique health care programs. CIGNA Mobile Learning Lab is one its initiative to create awareness among people.

CIGNA Health Awareness Tour Mobile Learning Lab is aiming to educate people about their health holistically. Most of the health awareness programs merely focus on high blood pressure and high cholesterol level, but CIGNA has marked four issues that people should take seriously if they want to enjoy a healthy life style.

These four topic of health includes; Obesity, How to read food labels and tips for portion control, the mind-body connection and Childhood obesity. All the health problems revolve around these health topics that have been marked by the CIGNA.

CIGNA Mobile Learning Lab is an 18-wheels vehicle that is equipped with multimedia, tools, medical apparatus, brochures, diet plan, information about nutrition and other study aids. It invites the guests to understand the importance of good heath, and enable them to analyze their daily diet and compare it with healthy diet plan chart. Unhealthy food leads to obesity, which is the major cause of high blood pressure and high cholesterol level. According to David Cordani, CEO of CIGNA, “The broad message here is, a lot is in the control of a person and with the help of community, improvement can be driven”

The best thing about CIGNA Mobile learning Lab is it reaches the people where they live, work or visit. People can get a chance to approach this health program, wherever they are. This health awareness program by CIGNA will make people to re-think about their lifestyle, eating habits and mental attitude. We can say that CIGNA Mobile Learning Lab will reveal such facts to its guests about their health which are unknown to them yet. According to a projection 30% people in America are suffering from High Blood Pressure, and 20% people are unaware.
CIGNA is trying to prove through its health awareness program (CIGNA Mobile Learning Lab), that it’s not just an insurance company but it is also service companies that realize its social responsibility towards community and it wants to improve the well-being of individuals.

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