Tuesday, 18 Dec 2018
Category: NailCare Tips

Beauty Tips for Nails

Nails are the prominent and visible part in hands. Beautiful, healthy hands and nails leave a good impact on personality. Here are some tips for nails. When the Skin around the Nails becomes Red and Puffy, this is known as Inflammation of the Nail Folds. It may occur due to the presence of Lupus or […]

Nails and Your Health

See What the Nails Tell About Your Health?   Nails have a strong link with the health. They indicate about your health’s conditions. a patch of White color, a Rosy spot on the Nails and bumpy surface of Nails may be a sign of body disease. Diseases may include problems in Liver, Lungs and Heart. […]

10 Useful Tips for Making Nails Strong

Nails are an important part of the human body as well as the outer look of an individual. To look at the beautiful and clean hands with well shaped nails is a great pleasure. Many people cannot handle long nails because they break or feel irritated. Nails vary from person to person some people have […]