Tuesday, 18 Dec 2018
Category: Miscellaneous Health Article

Benefits of Walking Barefoot

Many people walk as a hobby, and in the post-industrial age it is often enjoyed as one of the best forms of exercise. Sometimes people prefer to walk indoors using a treadmill. Walking contains a lot of health benefits. Some are mentioned here. Our bodies are made up of about 60 percent water, which is […]

Things To Watch Out For In A Beauty Salon

In our usual frame of mind when we walk into a salon, we are really worried about having a perfect eyebrow, suitable haircut, glowing facial, exact bikini line wax etc. However there are much more important things that we really need to be worried about. There could be many serious consequences if your salon doesn’t […]

Prevention of Dengue

The rainy season is the perfect time for dengue epidemic to blow wide open. Dengue is an infection, which is caused by Aedes mosquitos. It mostly appears in sub-tropical or tropical geographical region of this world. Symptoms for dengue usually occur 3-14 days after the dangerous bite. Breakbone fever is another name for dengue fever. […]

Laser Hair Removal- 6 Things You Should Know

Unwanted body hairs are difficult to get rid of. Although, there are many products like lotions, creams and waxes but laser hair removal is the new technology that is getting famous. It started commercially in 1990’s and now cialis price it has been dermatologically accepted among doctors . It is widely practiced in all over […]

Unwanted Hair and Their Treatments

Unwanted Hairs Unwanted Hair on the body is always a problem for women.They are mostly found worried about it. Usually the Hirsutism or excess of Hair occurs on the woman’s body due to increased level of male Hormones.The situations that may lead to Hirsutism may include abnormalities like Polsystic Ovary Syndrome, Cushing’s syndrome and specific […]

10 Guidelines for Dating in Stress

According to the Online Dating Magazine, about 18 million of people in America are suffering from stress and 20 million in the world are using dating websites every month. Dating is a challenge when you are suffering from stress.Helen Friedman, PhD, a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in St. Louis says that when you are […]

10 Body’s Strange Health Clues

Researchers are continuously discovering about the health clues which can be early symptoms of diseases like Diabetes, Cancer etc. One should keep an eye on these health clues in order to access the changes occurring in the human body. Following are the strange body’s clues that should be noticed Finger Length British researchers found that […]

Thinking About Botox? It is Best to Fix your Skin

Botox Jolene Edger says that needles, lasers, peels can be pricey and painful but sometimes you need those treatments to get a beautiful skin, one always crave. Dennis Gross, a cosmetic dermatologist in New York says that if you start using Botox, you can subtle the expression lines that grows with the passage of age […]