Sunday, 20 Sep 2020
Category: Beauty

9 Natural Beauty Tips for Prettier You

Enhancing your natural beauty is not a very easy task to deal with, especially in the age of bronze makeup, thick eyeliner etc. Before indulging in improving your natural beauty you need to be aware of some basic things. One you are aware of the processes of improving your natural beauty, you would like to follow […]

Beauty on Board-Beauty Tips While Travelling

Being noticed is what most women love and so we try our best to make ourselves very presentable all day unlike our men folks. Just check a lady’s handbag and you will definitely know her beauty tips that keeps her fresh and fine 24/7. We all travel either for work or for pleasure, holidaying with […]

10 Tips For Women to Shave Less This Summer

Shaving legs have always been a problem and in summer your laziness make it difficult to do the upkeep . Every woman wants that the hair growth is minimum and they have to shave the legs less often. To get a smooth and sexy look we have compiled a list of 10 tips that will […]

5 Fantastic Tips To Enhance your Beauty with Vinegar

5 Fantastic Tips Vinegar can do work wonders with your food. It becomes more tasty and delicious. But it’s not only that, recent research has proved that it can also enhance your beauty and make you look more beautiful. But how?? Let’s check it out. 1. Apply it on your Skin By applying it on […]

15 Summer Beauty Products Must to Have

Who doesn’t love beauty?? Everyone wants to look beautiful and good-looking . Natural beauty is most admired but this prettiness vanishes with age. The glow and loveliness also fade away with the summer heat. The hot sun can blister your skin and you look dull and ugly. Those who want to look gorgeous and attractive, […]

Preparing For Summer

The coming of a new season dictates a whole new set of wardrobe requirements. Not only is there a change in the weather to accommodate but also a fresh batch of trends, colours, shapes and styles to work into your fashion-forward look. But if you’re shopping on a budget then you’ll want to make the […]

Top 5 All Time Useful Beauty Tips

Being tall, confident and believing in you are few important things to feel good about your personality but all of the women, who ever stand in front of mirror feels that beauty is the most important point for one’s personality. If you are short but beautiful, you will be 1 of the most attractive person. […]

5 Best Beauty Time Savers

To look beautiful is the dream of every girl around you. The girls try their hard to look beautiful in terms of their looks. In order to look beautiful women can go for new trends in makeup and hair styles. The trends in the hairstyles and the makeup tricks change with the passage of time. […]