Saturday, 23 Jun 2018
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Hairdressing As a Career – An Outlook

If you of the belief that a hairdressing career starts and ends with hair, then you’re in for a big surprise. There are things like client psychology, customer service, time management and balancing your finances. When you work as a hairdresser there are these and many other transferable skills that you will learn and take […]

How to Choose an Appropriate Haircut for Men

Just having the length of your reduced is not enough to give you that cool, macho look that you want. You have to choose a haircut that will make you look more handsome than the last and this is absolutely possible! Regardless of the shape of your head, you are likely to find a style […]

Benefits of Argan Oil

Argan oil is a non-fragrant plant oil that is extracted from the kernels of the argan tree, which is native to Morocco. For several centuries now, the residents of Southwestern Morocco have used the organic oil to nourish their entire bodies. It is a locally-produced oil, thanks to native Berber women who crack the nuts […]

How to choose heated rollers

If you want natural looking curls then it’s important to choose the right rollers set Different roller sets suit different styles and different hair types. The rollers can vary in size, design, materials and how hot they get. Some are better for longer hair while others are better suited for shorter styles. What style are […]

Curling Wand vs Curling Iron

The curling wand has many advantages. Since inception, many have doubted the hair wand and overlooked it’s advantages over the curling iron. For those weighing their options between the curling wand vs curling iron, we have created a list of the benefits of the curling wand.

What is tooth oil?

What Exactly Is Tooth Oil? Dentists will always recommend that you look after your teeth, but many are increasingly aware that regular toothpaste can be full of synthetic chemicals. So are there any alternatives on the market that could be just as good for your teeth? Today, we’re talking about tooth oil and if you’ve never […]

Choosing the Right Pair of Shears

Just as a handyman or repair person carries around a bag with all the important tools commonly needed for their job, so should a stylist have the right pair of shears that allows him or her to create a variety of different haircuts and work with a number of different hair types. The exact specifications […]

Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream by Civian Skincare

Imagine waking up every morning confident that you are already wearing your best face. Starting each day with your best face boosts your confidence not only physically but emotionally. Reduce hyper pigmentation from freckles, liver spots, acne scarring, skin discoloration, sun damage, and melasma with Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream by Civian Skincare. This is the […]