Tuesday, 18 Dec 2018
Month: September 2014

Alcoholism: Deal With it in Natural Ways

Prolonged drinking habit leads to several physical as well as mental disorders. It also can affect their families. When people get into alcoholism (due to depression, schizophrenia, heredity, tension, pressure/stress) it’s very tough to make them get out of it. Prolonged drinking can also affect their respiratory, digestive, nervous system etc. A few easy tricks […]

Effective Cures for Eye Stye

Eye stye is a bacterial infection. It occurs as small red bumps. It’s also known as hordeolum. These lumps create obstructions for oil producing glands close to the eyelids. It can be caused because of excessive rubbing of your eyes, problem in the immune system, prolonged eye make up using etc. A few indicators of […]

How to Handle Aging Maturely

Aging is a normal process for every living being. It begins from the time of our birth & continues. Growing older sometime makes us too weak to realise it & accept it. Healthy aging is a good option for realising positive vibes about getting older. It helps us to stay positive for the remaining part […]

Some Useful Pointers for Parents Having Autistic Kids

People having autistic kids find themselves quite helpless, in quite a challenging position in society as well as in their personal life. Try to address the issues tactfully with positive attitude. Don’t keep reminding yourself that you are a parent of an autistic child; it will have a bad impact on your kid. Try to […]

Oppositional Defiant Disorder: A Behavioural Disorder & Remedies

Oppositional defiant disorder is a behavioural disorder. In mostly appears among children. Several studies have revealed that improper parenting, insufficient interaction etc can be the cause of ODD among children or adolescence. These children create problems for other children as well as for the authority. Their aggressiveness makes other people annoyed. Early detection as well […]