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Month: November 2012

Healthy Uses Of Baking Soda For Your Skin

Baking soda is quite popular for its useful applications for your skin. Because of its gentle nature, it can be applied quite a few times in a week. This simple easy to get cheap product has been appreciated widely as a skin care product.

Fall 2012: Some Beauty Trends

There are no certain beauty tips which last forever. It is something which changes as time goes. Beauty trends for fall 2012 were something that everyone loved to try. This is something very interesting without applying too much make up. Messy Hair looks You could easily notice messy hair trend in this fall. This casual […]

Facial Massage: Some Useful Tips

We always enjoy a facial massage. However you can not only enjoy it in a saloon (while doing facial), you can also do this at home also. With the proper strokes & ways you can really enjoy this daily. Though it’s not able to stop the natural process of aging but it can nourish your […]

5 Winter Make Up Tips To Ensure Your Skin Remain Flawless

All of us will agree that a glowing and healthy skin is truly a sign of a healthy body and healthy mind. Come winter and we suffer from a whole lot of dry skin problems. We have just got over the hot summers and look forward to the cool breeze, but how many of us […]

Celebs & Their Expensive Diamond Rings

Diamonds have their own esteem, everyone love to have them,  from royals to aristocrats and from celebs to entrepreneurs, diamonds have the power to ignite a colossal desire and to capture twinkling flash in to one’s eye. In a woman’s heart, diamonds holds a special place, the most famous line, “Diamonds are women’s best friend” are self explanatory. These […]

Indications of Aging

As we grow old our skin loses its glamour. It is quite a common process of ageing. However sometimes we face difficulties in realizing this universal truth. Along with aging our lifestyle is also responsible for degradation of our skin texture. There are various options available to fight these signs, but first you need to […]