Tuesday, 18 Dec 2018
Month: October 2012

Things To Watch Out For In A Beauty Salon

In our usual frame of mind when we walk into a salon, we are really worried about having a perfect eyebrow, suitable haircut, glowing facial, exact bikini line wax etc. However there are much more important things that we really need to be worried about. There could be many serious consequences if your salon doesn’t […]

Oily Skin: Advantage Or Disadvantage

Beauty isn’t skin deep. It is the natural way your skin feels and looks minus the makeup and then there is the inner beauty. We are talking about the outer beauty and skin types. Our skin have roughly five distinct types. We have the normal skin, the dry skin, the oily skin, combination skin and finally […]

Locked in Thick Locks: Dont Worry

Rapunzel’s thick, long golden flowing tresses were something we loved to see. That was a fairy tale and in real life having such long and thick hair is not a joke. We do agree that they are a beauty quotient of a woman. People say hair is the richest ornament of a woman. Tresses needs […]

Minimizing Pores: Some Helpful Guidelines

Appearance of thin hair follicles over your skin, are called pores. Because of oil or filth accumulation it could look bigger. Collection of dead skin can also make it look big. Various people nurture various opinions about how to minimize it. However the truth is that minimizing the size of your pores is really impossible, […]

Natural Lips: Luscious and Pink

A well shaped soft pink and luscious lip can be a very appealing. We have seen most of our actresses or models have such lips and we too desire to have them but when we look at our dark, patchy, flaky lips it is even more disappointing. But hey Girls there’s nothing to worry about, there […]

Health Hazards from Wearing Too Tight Clothes

In this modern day, wearing tight fitting clothing is a very common & fashionable trend. However wearing tightly fitted clothes can curb your body actions. It could even interfere in the normal functioning of your inner organs. You could also experience back pain, headache & various other types of discomfort.Women can go to extreme to […]

Pale Skin: Some Makeup Tricks

Wearing the perfect makeup for pale skin is a bit of a challenge. Being pale skinned women we get over-conscious when it comes to applying makeup. We get confused which color is suitable for our complexion & this intense confusion makes us choose the worst. However people with pale complexion could benefit from the following […]