Tuesday, 18 Dec 2018
Month: September 2012

Dental Implants are Something to Smile About

An investment in your well being. We all need something to smile about. But if your teeth are in a poor state they instantly age you. If your teeth have fallen out, are yellowing or look rotten, you project to the world all the wrong messages. Research has shown that we make instant judgement calls […]

Ways of Avoiding Muscle Soreness

Muscle soreness could happen because of various things. It could happen because of wrong posture or excessive exercise or some wrong moves etc. However staying away from your activities is not the way to improve your condition. Study revealed that having proper nutrition before beginning your workout, during workout & instantly after exercises is really […]

Alternatives for Brighter Underarms

Having the problem of dark underarms is very common among ladies. Our craze for shaving our underarms put us in such an awkward position. It could be because of various reasons like skin problem, some of the deodorants, hormones etc. However we only start noticing it after we make shaving a regular habit. When you […]

Truths About Keratin Treatment You Should Be Aware of

From the long past women with frizzy or curly hair can go to extremes to straighten their hair. They are just crazy for straight hair. Straight has never been oil in fashion circles. However this could leave some bad effects on your hair. In needs some real quality time regularly.Nonetheless before you get into a […]

9 Natural Beauty Tips for Prettier You

Enhancing your natural beauty is not a very easy task to deal with, especially in the age of bronze makeup, thick eyeliner etc. Before indulging in improving your natural beauty you need to be aware of some basic things. One you are aware of the processes of improving your natural beauty, you would like to follow […]

8 Tips on How to Have A Successful Diet

For maintaining a good health you have to follow a healthy diet. By providing you a fit body, healthy food is also able to make you feel really good.  In modern days people (mostly women) are crazy about losing weight. However it’s not a very easy task to achieve. You need a strong goal & […]

Beauty on Board-Beauty Tips While Travelling

Being noticed is what most women love and so we try our best to make ourselves very presentable all day unlike our men folks. Just check a lady’s handbag and you will definitely know her beauty tips that keeps her fresh and fine 24/7. We all travel either for work or for pleasure, holidaying with […]

Prevention of Dengue

The rainy season is the perfect time for dengue epidemic to blow wide open. Dengue is an infection, which is caused by Aedes mosquitos. It mostly appears in sub-tropical or tropical geographical region of this world. Symptoms for dengue usually occur 3-14 days after the dangerous bite. Breakbone fever is another name for dengue fever. […]