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Month: July 2012

8 Sunscreen Myths You Shouldn’t Follow

Sunscreen is a lotion that absorbs or reflects some of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation on the skin exposed to sunlight. It is good and protects the skin from sunburn. When going out, it is a must to apply even when you plan to adventure at the beach. However, there are some myths that are common […]

10 Best Summer Foods that Fight Fat

Summer is hot and sizzling and so are the summer foods like frozen desserts, fried snacks and barbecue food. If you are on a diet food then all your diet goes to waste in the charm of seasonal foods and your fat intake can be increased which is not good for your health. We have […]

13 Amazing Home Remedies to Get Rid of Acne

Acne is a major problem especially when you are entering your youth. You get pimples all over your face. There may also be an inflammation, redness or rash if  you scratch it. Oily skin and blackheads also cause acne.  But how to get id of it ?? You want to do anything about it. buy […]

7 Amazing Tips to Wake Up Slimmer

To look slimmer is everyone’s dream but you can now live this dream. You can eat your favorite food and still be smart. All you have to do is to add small changes to your daily routine. We have compiled a list of 7 amazing tips that will keep you slim and fit. 1. Add […]

10 Tips For Women to Shave Less This Summer

Shaving legs have always been a problem and in summer your laziness make it difficult to do the upkeep . Every woman wants that the hair growth is minimum and they have to shave the legs less often. To get a smooth and sexy look we have compiled a list of 10 tips that will […]

10 Benefits of Daily Exercise

Exercise is a necessary part of our living. Life is not all about eating but you also need to work out to burn your calories and make the most out of your eaten food. It is recommended that one should do exercise on a daily basis. Without the workout one can’t imagine an active lifestyle. […]

5 Fantastic Tips To Enhance your Beauty with Vinegar

5 Fantastic Tips Vinegar can do work wonders with your food. It becomes more tasty and delicious. But it’s not only that, recent research has proved that it can also enhance your beauty and make you look more beautiful. But how?? Let’s check it out. 1. Apply it on your Skin By applying it on […]

3 Unsafe Cosmetics Not Good for your Health

No doubt cosmetics can enhance your beauty. Your lips become glossy with lipstick, your eyes look beautiful with mascara and face looks shiny with the glittering base but wait!! Look before you leap into the gleaming well of makeup. The makeup products may be unhealthy for you. You can have allergies and even get diseases […]