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Month: September 2011

4 Quick Ways to Brighten the Smile

Smile is something that makes one look more beautiful and happy. It enhances the features and the muscles of the body. For a good smile the first and foremost thing is to have the Whiter Teeth. The Whiter Teeth add confidence to an individual so that they can laugh in a more exciting way. Following […]

Top 10 New Trendy Makeup Styles

Trendy Makeup Styles Beautiful looks are the dream of every girl. Every girl has a dream to look trendy and up to date. Girls make all their efforts to look charming and to be the centre of attraction. Makeup is believed to be the main thing that can help in making you look awesome as […]

5 Healthy Tips for Beautiful Body and Skin

The best time to enjoy the perfect Beautiful skin is our teenage but it is a very short time so, we cannot enjoy our good skin for a longer period. Mostly, our Skin is damaged due to the Sun. Our skin of whole body requires the same care as our face do. Dull skin is […]

Tips for the Relief of Migraine Problem

Migraine is painful aches mostly on one side of head. Factors like Stress, Digestive, Liver and Vision issues can lead to Migraine. Dist, drugs, herbal remedies are the ways to get relief of Migraines. Here are some tips for the relief of Migraine: Relief of Migraines

Heavy Smoking can Lead to Kidney Cancer

On Sunday, May 15, Robert Predit a researcher found in his new study that Smoking can increase the risk of Kidney Cancer.This study was conducted in the Duke University Medical Center. The study followed 845 patients who had the surgery for the Kidney Cancer or Renal Cell Carcinoma between the years 2000-2009. These findings were […]

Causes of Pimples and Prevention Tips of Pimples

Pimples Definition Pimples are the small bumps on the skin that are formed by the blocking of Pores from dirt to hardened skin oil. Pimples are painful and annoying as it destroys the personality of an individual. Pimples heal slowly with the passage of time, when 1 resolves, other appears. Hormones play an important role […]