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Month: August 2011

10 Weird but Useful Health Tips

Health Tips are best to lead a healthy life. They simply are a free guide or all individuals. We come across different researches related to Health Care, which are found to be very strange, practical but really useful to change our life today. Many researches from the Health Guides take the attention of Media, get […]

7 Wonderful Tricks to Restore Your Energy

Energy is the most important to thing that is required to lead an energetic life and body fitness. Energy does not just come from 3 Meals. Experts say that the factors including motivation, Optimism and involvement in different interesting things can also contribute. Here are 7 tricks that can combat fatigue and enhance your Spirit […]

Skin Allergies may protect Various Cancers

A new research suggested that people who have rashes when their Skin is in contact with some metals or chemicals, they have less risk for certain Cancers.The researchers say that the findings support the fact the allergies enhance the immune system to kill the Cancer cells before they damage it. This theory is known as […]

Susan Lucci Aims to Reduce AFib Related Strokes

AFib stands for Atrial Fibrilliation and it has become the most common continued irregularity about of the heart beat and it is the major cause of stroke in America. According to an estimate, more than 15 percent of strokes in U.S.A are caused due to the abnormality of heart rhythm. It is anticipated that the […]

Tips for Exercise in the Heat

Exercise in the Heat Heat affects your summer exercise plan if you are having planned to shape up your body. Heat has a great impact on you, when you exercise and it is good to know and respond to the body’s cues before you get affected with the Heat Stroke. viagra no doctor Explanation: Our […]

8 New Causes of Cancer

On June 10, 2011, U.S added 8 new chemicals that cause Cancer. The U.S official says there are 8 new substances which can cause Cancer. They generated a list containing the information about the Toxins suspected to cause Cancer. There are 240 agents on the list. This list is maintained by the National Toxicology Program. […]