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Month: April 2011

Top Skin Care Tips for Glowing Skin in Summer 2011

Summer season is really tough for skin. Our body and skin needs extra care in the summer season. The summer is just about to arrive and we should start preparations in order to save our skin from Sun and Heat. The skin care becomes must in the summer because it can protect the skin from […]

Plants Can be Used to Make Skin- Whitening Creams

Fair and beautiful skin is the dream of every individual but these dreams vary from region to region. Good skin complexion plays an important role in making ones personality. Fair complexion is the dream of almost every one. It is something which is not impossible to attain, one can have fair complexion with just little […]

10 Useful Tips for Making Nails Strong

Nails are an important part of the human body as well as the outer look of an individual. To look at the beautiful and clean hands with well shaped nails is a great pleasure. Many people cannot handle long nails because they break or feel irritated. Nails vary from person to person some people have […]

Pampers Turned Philanthropic on 50th Anniversary

Pampers kicks off Little Miracle Missions as the 50th anniversary celebrations, motive of this program to create an atmosphere of support in order to catch the people’s attention. General Manager of Pampers Jodi Allen said, “In the midst of this very exciting milestone, Pampers 50th birthday, we are taking a retrospective look at five decades […]

Growth and Life of Hair

Hair makes the half of beauty of human beings. If someone has colored hairs but her appearance cannot be effective until, his or her hair is naturally beautiful. One has to give proper time and work hard in order to get naturally beautiful hairs. The problems of hair may include dry hair, dandruff, split ends […]