Thursday, 23 May 2019
Month: November 2010

Facing Our Moments Together Bladder Campaign

Bladder problems can do a lot of damage if you don’t treat it on time. However, most people are unaware that they have bladder problems because they never really pay attention to what their body is signaling. Many women across the globe have bladder problems which could be because of the hectic lifestyle they live […]

2011 Miss America Contestants Visit Disney Characters

The fun for the 53 contestants expected to participate in the 2011 Miss America title has already begun. They are said to have visited the Magic Kingdom and met with most of the characters here. The contestants represent all the 50 states which include the U.S, Virgin Islands, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. They […]

Taking Care of your Lens

Contact lens safety is one of the key concerns for people who wear these lenses. There are specific ways through which contact lens safety can be ensured. Many users tend to respondents by soaking them in solution while there are still does which are optional for certain types. There are those which can be cleaned […]