Thursday, 20 Sep 2018
Month: October 2010

Want to Minimise SKIN AGEING?

Every one of us is aware of the fact that the main reason behind us being similar to our parents is the inherited genes within us. But hardly anyone of us is aware of the fact that genes are not responsible for development of ageing signs in our body. Dr. Jeanine B. Downie, dermatologist at […]

Tips to Deal with the Split Ends

Split Ends Split ends are a very common hair problem that is faced by a lot of women worldwide, this situation mostly happens when the hair fiber gets damaged and the ends gets split into two or more strands. We want to style our hairs every time and anywhere we go and this styling actually […]

Beauty Tips for Dark Elbows and Knees

Getting the perfectly beautiful body is some of the dreams of every human but there are many beauties bugs that can spoil the complete personality of someone. Among some of the most common beauty bugs, the dark knees and elbows are the most common ones. The darken knees and elbows bounds us to wear only […]

Make your Hands and Foot Beautiful

Hands and Foot Beautiful Every one needs beauty. Hands are feet are very important part of the body. So every one should take proper care of them. Hands care Beautiful, well kept and dedicated hands are very important. Hands speak a lot of thing about you and your personality. Dressing up in fancy suit is […]

Make your Tired Eyes Shiny with these Tips

Usually it is said that eyes are a reflection of our soul. As other parts of the body eyes are also very important part. Throughout the day eyes are silently and constantly busy in work. Eyes got tired because of some reasons like insufficient sleep or continuously sitting in front of TV or computer. Tiredness […]

Home Remedies for Oily Hairs

Oily Hairs The oily hairs is a very common problem that is found both in men and women, this problems spoils all the style and looks of your hairs and the oily hairs also breaks very easily. There are many treatments that have been designed for the cure of oily hairs but the chemical treatments […]